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Home LED mask is ideal for all skin types.

Blue light is particularly effective in clearing breakouts from Acne or Maskne.

Red light is anti ageing and orange light will brighten skin and help reduce pigmentation.

The combination of red and blue light is excellent for reducing redness associated with Rosacea and acne.


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Home LED mask Kit allows you to perform the ultimate skin treatment at home.

The LED mask  plugs into your phone for ease of use. It comes with 3 adapters for different phone types, a 1 years warranty and full instructions on how to perform the treatment.


The mask has three colour settings Red to stimulate collagen and Elastin production, Blue which is anti bacterial and kills the P bacteria that causes acne and Orange which is brightening.


PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING CONTRAINDICATIONS APPLY, DO NOT USE THE LED @HOME TREATMENT IF YOU ARE, Pregnant, Suffer from Epilepsy, Taking light reactive Meds, Suffer from light sensitivity, Are allergic to metal, Are Allergic to any of the product ingredients.

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