BIOME+ Cleansing Comfort Balm


“Cleanses without stripping, leaving the skin with a soft and ultra-hydrated feel.”

Key benefits:
• Melts away oil, dirt and impurities
• Moisturizes the skin and helps to support a healthy skin barrier
• Helps to reduce moisture loss and leave skin with a healthy glow

Key ingredients:

fermented squaline Fermented squalane Plant oils Plant oils
Ashwagandha Ashwagandha Lactic acid Lactic acid
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Microbiome-friendly skincare that powers a healthy skin barrier

Skin’s resilience starts with its protective moisture barrier, a first line of defense against dryness, discomfort and visible signs of stress.

BIOME+ is a harmonious collection formulated to respect and reinforce the skin barrier. Mindfully produced in a LEED-certified facility and formulated with natural-origin ingredients like clinical adaptogens and sugarcane-derived squalane, BIOME+ nurtures, comforts and brightens skin without disrupting its natural state.

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