Anti-wrinkle Injections

Dr Maeve Barry

B.A. B.Dent.Sc. TCD

Dr Barry began her career in Trinity College Dublin where she qualified in Dentistry. Following a number of years as a practicing dentist, Dr Barry undertook aesthetic training in the prestigious Visage Academy where she became skilled in the cosmetic use of anti-wrinkle injectables and dermal fillers. Dr Barry has over four years of experience in the application of cosmetic injectables. Dr Barry is the Principal dentist at the Meridian Dental, part of the Meridian Clinic, located on the Malahide Rd. She has been operating from this clinic since 2011. Dr Barry has been providing anti-wrinkle injectables at the well known salon, Lemons, located in Clontarf, since 2015.

What is Botulinum Toxin?

Botulinum Toxin (commonly referred to as the brand name ‘Botox’) is a purified bacterial toxin used worldwide for the reduction of facial wrinkles.

It works by paralyzing facial muscles temporarily, this improves the appearance of wrinkles.

1 area €169

2 areas €249

3 areas €299

 What wrinkles does it remove?

These anti-wrinkle infections remove three main categories of wrinkles. 

Frown Lines: these are the vertical lines between your eyebrows. This is the most requested area. People often feel these lingering lines give their face an unintentional stern expression. Relaxing these muscles will give the face a fresher, younger more relaxed look. It will not change your appearance, rather a younger version of you.

 Horizontal forehead lines: These lines appear during raising of the brows. Some people have quite an animated face during speaking, these lines may appear as early as your late 20’s. These lines are easily treated using with anti-wrinkle injections. Again, your face will not be altered in any way by treating these line, you will just look more youthful with a smoother complexion.

Crows feet: Those wrinkles around the eye area that occur during smiling. I like to treat these lines by reducing these wrinkles, but by maintaining a genuine smile by not overdoing this particular area.

How long does it last?

 The treatment will last between 3-9 months. This is a broad answer. The first time you have had anti-wrinkle injections you will find that is wears off most quickly, on average in the region of 4-6 months. However, there is an accumulative effect. After a few treatments, you will find your treatment lasting longer. In general, people may find the crows feet area wearing off most quickly. This is due to the fact that this muscle is the thinnest and the injections disperse most quickly in this area.

Am I suitable?

If the wrinkles you wish to remove are in one of the above catagories, yes. Certain types of wrinkles cannot be treated with botulinum toxin. Wrinkles around the mouth/lip area are treated by dermal fillers, which is a different treatment. It cannot be used to enlarge lips. Also injections are not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.

What happens when my injections wear off?

When your anti-wrinkle injections wear off, your face will return to its prior appearance. There will be no lingering effect. You will notice your wrinkles gradually reappear. That is when you can get a further treatment if you so wish.

Will people know?

Injectables can be done in a extremely natural way, leaving people guessing what is your secret. Indeed, I believe this is the best way to do it. A friend or family member may notice, especially if they have personal experience, but it will not be overtly noticeable. Indeed may women do not even tell their husbands about their secret beauty treatment, and attribute their fresh complexion to a good facial or a new skin cream.

Are there any risks?

It is normal to have small pink/red bumps at the area of the injection site this will disappear within a few hours after injection.

There may be bruising or swelling at the injection site, more common in patients taking blood thinners.

Headaches may occur after botox injection , this generally doesn’t last beyond the day of injection. Take painkillers as normal with any headache.

Eyebrow and/or eyelid appearing higher or lower than desired. In the case that your eyebrows may raise or become more arched than you desire, this can be fixed by injecting a small amount of botox to relax the muscles responsible.

 Treatment may not work — everyone is different. A second course of injections may be required if the initial treatment doesn’t work. Dosage given is based on an average dose which is effective for most patients. A top-up, if required will be given free of charge after 2 weeks.

With any medication there is the risk of allergic reaction. 

It is best to avoid application with make-up for 12 hours after administration as this reduces the risk of any infection at the injection site.

If you do not like botox, it will wear off and there will be no long term effects.