The Skin Nurse

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Clinical Dermatology Nurse Specialist, RGN, MSc, RNP, Hip dip

The Skin Nurse

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Dermatology Nurse Nicola O’Byrne has been working with a consultant dermatologist for 10 years at Ireland’s leading Technology Clinic & Private Hospital. Nicola has 16 years medical care experience as a clinical dermatology professional. Her advanced expertise around skin issues both thru ageing and individual conditions allows for the provision of cutting edge tech solutions to resolve problem skin conditions, including rosacea, acne, scarring and general skin improvement and of course anti-ageing treatments.

The initial discovery consultation determines possible treatments and establishes clear expectation on what can be achieved. Nurse O’Byrne will clearly indicate what is required to improve the targeted areas for treatment. The aim is to keep the ageing face ”fresh”.

Regardless of the medical treatments it is Nicola’s passion for the industry, encouraged by the results she achieves that ensures the return of clients for many years. Nicola is a Advanced Nurse prescriber which allows her to use medical strength products for more effective results.

 To book a free consultation or to speak with Nurse Nicola phone 087 9783103